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collectivism became entangled with a smaller
one, the perpetual conflict of people in any
unregulated social system to get the better of one
another. Throughout the ages this has been
going on. The rich, the powerful generally, the
more intelligent and acquisitive have got away
with things, and sweated, oppressed, enslaved,
bought and frustrated the less intelligent, the less
acquisitive and the unwary. The Haves in every
generation have always got the better of the
Have-nots, and the Have-nots have always
resented the privations of their disadvantage.
So it is and so in the uncollectivised world it
I has always been. The bitter cry of the expropri-
ated man echoes down the ages from ancient
Egypt and the Hebrew prophets, denouncing
those who grind the faces of the poor. At times
the Have-nots have been so uneducated, so
helplessly distributed among their more successful
fellows that they have been incapable of social
disturbance, but whenever such developments as
plantation or factory labour, the accumulation of
men in seaport towns, the disbanding of armies,
famine and so forth, brought together masses of
men at the same disadvantage, their individual
resentments flowed together and became a
common resentment. The miseries underly-
ing human society were revealed. The Haves